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Introduction of Richwood Science MuseumIntroduction to popular Science Lecture HallIntroduction of popular science activities

Richwood Science Museum cooperates with the existing resources of experts and cooperation units, develops rich popular science courses, and carries out scientific lectures and experiments such as “Life Science” series, “No Drug”series and “Astronomy and Aviation”series ,linkage with schools, museums, science museums, opium halls, etc.Organize and carry out theme science popularization activities including but not limited to the following every year:

1) "Wonderful youth without drugs": Invite experts to carry out anti drug talks, explain the ways of drug transmission, focus on the harm of drugs, meanwhile arrange to watch scientific experiments on the theme of no smoking.

2) "Wonderful life in science experiment": Invite experts to carry out science show activities, share characteristic scientific experiments interaction, invite children to experience, prepare COVID-19 model, human body structure, animal and plant specimens and other model visits.

3) "Asking a way to heaven" : Invite experts to give lectures on astronomy and aviation, explain the knowledge of astronomy and aviation, make modern observation tools, and open the exhibits of navigation tools.

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