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Introduction of Richwood Science MuseumIntroduction to popular Science Lecture HallIntroduction of popular science activities

In order to comprehensively help promote the in-depth development of science popularization in our city, continuously promote the construction of scientific innovation and spiritual civilization of teenagers in our town, improve their practical ability and create a strong scientific atmosphere; Promote scientific and technological innovation education activities for young people, stimulate and guide young people in our town to actively participate in popular science promotion activities as follows:

1) Holding the "Destructed opium" new product launch conference, the first time theDestruction of opium at Humenpopular science sitcom was awarded, and 12  Guangdong research and Tourism Association, Humen tourism, Today's headlines and other institutions of study and media were praised and reported.

2) Holding a science show of "Exploring the scientific world" and the popular science lecture hall of "Understanding the universe".

3) Participated in the selection of high-quality courses of research, learning and practical education for primary and middle school students in Dongguan, won the third prize, and carried out the activities of "Keeping vitamin C" and "Moistening lips" at the same time.

4) To commemorate the 181st anniversary of the Humen war, we organized and carried out the characteristic science popularization lecture hall activity of "Destruction of opium at Humen".

In the future, we will also organize and carry out more wonderful and popular science activities and scientific experiments, contribute to the popular science action in Dongguan, and strive to cultivate more popular science teenagers!

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